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  Achieve a Healthy Body-Mind with
Wu Tu Nan Taijigong Health System

With rich Traditional Content and our
Systematic Training Program, you will learn to.....

> Clear channels
> Energize organs
> Enliven cells
> Focus mind and body
> Expand the Body-Mind potential
Our late Great Grandmaster Wu Tu Nan from Beijing, had multiple organ disease at a young age. He overcame this through the daily practice of Taijigong. He passed away without illness at the age of 105.

Great Grandmaster Wu passed on the complete art of Taijigong to our Founder and current Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho (Gold Belt 10th Dan 1).

Our instructors are the only ones approved and graded by Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho to teach the direct lineage of
Wu Tu Nan Taijigong
in Singapore.

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1 In 1986, martial arts leaders and representives of Karate, Judo, Silat, Indian Martial Arts and Tae Kwon Do jointly awarded the Gold Belt 10th Dan to Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho, for his mastery and contributions to the world of Martial Arts.


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