Wu Tu Nan Taijigong @ Singapore Sun Festival

Wu Tu Nan Taijigong had the honour of being a part of the inaugural Singapore Sun Festival 2007.

A celebration of the arts and the art of living well, the Singapore Sun Festival brought together the finest music, wine, cuisine, visual arts, film, literature and wellness events.

The Singapore Sun Festival is the third Sun Festival in the world, after the Tuscan Sun Festival and the Napa Valley Sun Festival. The Tuscan Sun Festival is well regarded as one of Europe's most prestigious arts and cultural event. This year, Singapore joins in as the Sun Festival's exclusive Asian home.

Wu Tu Nan Taijigong was part of the Singapore Sun Festival's wellness theme. During the festival, we provided Taiji mini courses and tasters at the Empress Place Green. Master Sim Pern Yiau also gave talks at the Sun Tent, about this ancient art of health and how it stays relevant in our modern lives.

Wu Tu Nan Taijigong returns to Sun Festival 2008 and 2009

The Tai Chi Program at the inaugural Singapore Sun Festival 2007 was so well received that the organizers invited us back to participate in the following year, 2008, as well as the year after in 2009.

The free outdoor evening session took place each night at the Empress Place waterfront open green, in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum. It was one of the most well-attended events at the festival, with the number of participants growing with each night.

Master Sim Pern Yiau also conducted workshops and wellness talks at the Sun Tent. At these ticketed events, Master Sim disucssed "Finding your centre in a Multi-taksing World"; He explained "Composites not Opposites: How Yin Yang works in Taijigong to Boost your Health"; and also told an intriguing tale of "Mountain Sages, Imperial Courts, Secret Manuals and Soya Sauce: A free-flowing talk on Taiji History, Culture and Practice".

Wu Tu Nan Taijigong was the only group to be invited back to participate in the three consecutive years that the festival ran in Singapore.

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