Taiji 24 Class
with Master Sim Pern Yiau (in English)

All Enquiries are Welcome

Learn princiiples of Taiji through the practice of Taiji 24 Quan

Every Thursday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm

If you have previously completed our Yang Sheng Gong Course, or have attended our Taiji 24 classes, you are most welcome to join or resume your learning with us.

For beginners with no background or previous experience with Taiji, we welcome you too. If you are interested to kickstart your learning, we can arrange for you to join the class.

Please email Ms. WANG Luan Keng, wanglk@gmail.com with your Full Name and Mobile number.

It would be helpful if you could also let us know your level of exposure to Taiji.

We will get in touch with you to make arrangement.

Make sure you have a light meal before class. Dress in comfortable clothing.

What are the Benefits of regular Wu Tu Nan Taiji Qi Gong?

Through the decades, students have reported many health benefits including the following:

1. Strengthens Immunity System
2. Deep Relief of Mental and Physical Stresses
3. Strengthens functions of internal organs including heart, kidneys, liver, stomach, spleen, etc
4. More energy for work and leisure, less prone to illness and tiredness
5. Better circulation in Meridian Lines, Blood-circulation, etc
6. Reducing the side-effects of various Western medication and treatment
7. Various ailments improved

While we are not doctors and do not promise medical cures (in truth, no doctor can promise cures!), and we are wary of exaggerated claims of wonder cures and miracles, in our long history of teaching we have seen the great benefits of regular practice of proper Taiji Qi Gong in our students health and lives.

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May good health be with you!
Nam Wah / Wu Tu Nan Taiji Gong