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  In 1964, Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho founded Nam Wah Pai, which later became “World Nam Wah Pai”. The eminent Great Grandmaster Wu Tu Nan of China accepted Grandmaster Sim as one of his lineage-holder disciples in 1978.

In October 2005, in accordance with his philosophy that personal achievements should be used to the benefit of all, Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho and his disciples in Singapore re-grouped as the World Nam Wah Taijigong Association, with the aim to exclusively promote the true and traditional art of Taijigong, as passed down by Great Grandmaster Wu Tu Nan.

This change of status to a Members Association is to manifest more effectively the belief that World Nam Wah was created to serve its members and ultimately society as a whole.

Under Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho’s 42 years of leadership, World Nam Wah extended its establishment to Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. It has brought the Ancient Chinese Art of Health and Well-Being to hundreds of thousands of learners.

World Nam Wah Taijigong Association is currently the sole organization representing Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho in Singapore.

In addition, only the instructors tested, graded and appointed by World Nam Wah Taijigong Association are authorized by Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho to teach Wu Tu Nan Taijigong in Singapore.

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