Sim Pooh Ho interview published in T'ai Chi Magazine (USA)

Alex Yeo's 3-part article from an interview with Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho, which features Grandmaster Sim's insights appears in US-published magazine T'ai Chi.

Part 1 of the interview was published in the April 2007 issue of T'ai Chi (Vol. 31 No. 2). In this first part, Grandmaster Sim talks about Taijigong in general, and Ling Kong Jin in particular, a high-level art that is not commonly available.

Part 2 appeared in the June 2007 issue (Vol. 31 No. 3). The interview continues with Grandmaster Sim discussing the practice of Taijigong.

Part 3, the final installment, came out in August 2007 (Vol. 31 No. 4).

The Los Angeles based T'ai Chi magazine is published in the US.

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