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  What is Taijigong?   ()

It is an ancient Chinese system of exercise that trains the body in totality. Normal exercise usually works only on your muscles, stamina and blood circulation. But Taijigong relaxes and energizes the whole body including oneís organs, cells, bones, joints and meridian lines. It also focuses and relaxes the mind. Properly done, Taijigong can have 5 ideal benefits:

  • Physical Well-Being
  • Mental and Spiritual Well-Being
  • High-Level Self-Defence (Optimizing the Body and Mind Potential)
  • Lengthening your Normal Lifespan (relative to each individual)
  • Staying Healthy throughout your Life

    What is the difference between Taijiquan  () and Taijigong?

    Taijiquan is just one part of Taijigong. Taijigong is the complete system, which includes the external form of Taijiquan, the internal knowledge in the form, and Qigong (, energy work). All these must be done in a systematic way with the knowledge passed down by true lineage Masters of the past.

    Without Qigong and the internal knowledge, Taijiquan is just like a normal exercise, which can only give you limited benefits.

    Many Taijiquan teachers tell students that if they just do the form correctly and practice diligently, the Qi will come by itself. This is an ineffective way of harnessing energy. If you have a serious disease you cannot afford to wait 10 years for Qi to emerge! In the old days, Taijiquan was regularly used to defend against bandits and robbers, and you also cannot wait 10 years for that!

    Proper Taijigong draws on the understanding of the structure of the human body, its organs, meridian lines, etc., to build up energy much more effectively, yet safely.

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    How does Wu Tu Nan Taijigong enhance our Health?

  • Works holistically - mind, body and energy - parts and the whole - self and environment.
  • Draws energy from the natural environment - energy which is unlimited.
  • Based upon Traditonal Chinese Medicine (TCM) principals and knowledge - meridian lines, acupressure-points, internal organs, etc.
  • Uses the modern concept of cells and cellular vibrations to enhance health.
  • Enhances our immune system and natural defences against the continual onslaught of bacteria, germs and daily attacks on our health.
  • Balances the body systems and organs to address chronic diseases.
  • Detox the body internally to lessen the chances of problems becoming chronic.

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    Why is it called Wu Tu Nan Taijigong?

    Our late Great Grandmaster Wu Tu Nan (), who passed away without illness at age 105, learned Taijigong as a lineage-holder disciple of Yang Shao Hou ()of the famed Yang Family. He was also a lineage-holder disciple of Wu Jian Quan (), founder of the Wu-style Taiji. His wife, Mdm Liu Gui Zhen, also practiced Taijigong and lived gracefully to the age of 111.

    Wu Tu Nan had multiple serious illnesses when young, and that was why his family sent him to learn Taijigong. Coupled with medication, he got better and finally fully recovered in his late teens. He started a life-long research into this ancient art. He mastered the defence aspects of the art, and also greatly enhanced the Health aspect through his own practice and modern research. He eventually passed away with no major illness at the age of 105.

    He did not name the Art after himself, but merely called it Taijigong. But out of respect for his teacherís contributions to the art of Taiji, our Association Founder Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho named it Wu Tu Nan Taijigong.

    Wu Tu Nan had many students and disciples, but only 3 which he recognized as lineage-holders. One of them is our Founder and Grandmaster, Sim Pooh Ho ().

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    If only so few can master it, how can I learn and benefit from it?

    In olden times, few people could master and gain the full benefits of Taijigong because there was no established and gradual system of imparting it.

    Also, many of the high skills were considered secret because they might mean the difference between life and death in a fight. But in today's more peaceful societies where fighting skills have become less important, it is time to de-mystify the art so that more people can enjoy its full benefits and rich beauty.

    Thus Great Grandmaster Wu Tu Nan and Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho have gathered their combined experience and established a systematic and progressive training that helps normal people learn the art and benefit effectively, without losing its traditional content.

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